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Our experties are in making your business grow
through facilitation across a broad range of services

AWS Consultancy Services

Make your business Scalable, Secure and Server less with AWS.

  • Continuous Integration and Development

  • Architecture Setup on AWS

  • Serverless on AWS

  • AWS Virtual Private Cloud and Security


Azure Consultancy Services

Eurus Tech consultants can help you determine if Microsoft Azure is the model for your business. We will work with you to identify your requirements for a successful transition to the cloud.

  • Cloud Based Data Integration and Transformation

  • Big Data and Data Streaming


Cloud Migration

Business that need to migrate legacy system to the cloud can rest assured with our experience and experties to transform cpmplex envoirments into high performance engines.

Through Azure or AWS technologies, we enable products that bring cloud-based innovations, elasticly and deliverance through web and mobile channels.


Machine Learning Service

Get your business smarter over time with our Machine Learning systems that provide services in the field of autonomy, self-learning and neural networks. We study your business strategy and apply the appropriate Machine Learning techniques to achieve outstanding ROI and data insights for your business.

  • Data Modelling

  • Process Automation


IoT Services

Extend your possibilities with absolute connectivity and transform your world through our effective and engaging IoT Solutions.

Through physical interlink of devices with objects that perform mechanically connected with sensors and advance software, maximize your remotely controlled infrastructure integration with physical devices through IoT.


Big Data Analytics

We apply our expertise to critical business areas to make decisions based on hard facts, not assumptions.

We open the door to a wealth of insights on business development, marketing, customer experience, performance efficiency and more by sourcing and presenting you the most sought-after data.


Information & Cyber Security

The cyber security architecture of your business is fundamental in its sustainability. We provide the right information and cyber security services to help you in preventing wastage of valuable resources on cyber defenses that are either unnecessary or premature.

  • Strategy and Design

  • Data Breach Investigation & Incident Response


Project Management

Your goal is our goal. We ensure optimal project delivery mechanisms through our following management services:

  • Offshore Project Management

  • PMO Services

  • Program and Project Manager

  • Project Management Training & Development



Our vision is to become the world's leading Cloud Consultant and achieve maximum customer satisfaction as well as customer retention. We endeavour to help our customers utilize the benefits of innovative cloud technologies. We architect solutions to ease innovation and ensure DevOps practices and this psychology is built into the foundation of each product. We deliver time to market and better quality of software builds with early identification of emerging issues, letting the code be in a releasable state always.

You do not need to invest in tools, training or manpower to automate your development operations. We work with you to understand your development processes and design a solution that will meet your unique requirements. The tools, management and people are ours. The processes are defined by you and we manage the entire process.

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Full time | 5+ years experience | Posted 1 week ago

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